Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter -- My favorite things

Easter is such a pretty and inspirational holiday. Though not my top fave, it is definitely up there on the list (for the record, my faves are Thanksgiving and Fourth of July). Here are some things that make this a special holiday:
  • The symbolism. Spring is a time of rebirth, and as a Christian, it's also a time for me to "clean out" and start over. Nice and fresh. Just like the flowers, trees and grass do.
  • On that topic, church is always especially inspirational on Easter morning. And the little girls look so pretty in their new dresses with smudgeless white sandals. Also, I do love a boy (big or small) in white bucks. Add seersucker, and I swoon.
  • Ham. Preferably a Petit Jean ham, with homemade mac and cheese, lemony asparagus,  a nice bowl of sugared strawberries, and some yeasty rolls. 
  • Cadbury mini eggs. Good lord, if these were sold all year, I'd be as big as a house.
  • Easter egg coloring! This really should be at the top of the list, but I'd feel bad about putting it ahead of the true symbolism of the season.
  • Easter egg hunts are fun too, but the Easter bunny really would like to sleep in most Easter mornings. Hiding eggs before sunrise means that she often forgets where she put them. But I wouldn't miss the deviled eggs for nothing.
  • Easter pics. Taking my girls' pictures in front of my pretty pink peonies is one of the great rituals of this season. Now I feel compelled to go Easter dress shopping. Right now.
  • The weather. Yes, we have had cold Easters in Little Rock. But more often, the air is warm and mellow. Not too hot, not too cool. 
  • Pretty bunny and chick images. The Golden Egg Book is so quintessentially EASTER. And so beautiful. I cherish it.  You will too.
Here are a few things that DON'T make my list of Easter loves:
  • Jelly beans. Never have loved them.
  • Peeps. These marshmallow candies have a half-life. I used to enjoy these, but  now I am grossed out.
  • Cadbury Cream Eggs. (See Peeps above).
  • Spring has sprung by the time Easter arrives. That means just a few more weeks til the heat and humidity set in. Summer is my least favorite season, I think.
  • Easter grass. Pretty? Sorta. Impossible to clean up? Always.

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