Monday, March 28, 2011

ski time!

S and I went with our church youth group to Breckenridge, CO for a weeklong ski trip over spring break. I know just enough about skiing to be dangerous. My previous ski experience comprises 1/2 a day of skiing in the Poconos on the bunny slopes. 20 years ago. I remember being simultaneously terrified and invigorated, with a heaping dose of SORE.

This time was different. We started our ski days with 1/2 day of ski lessons, which was worth every penny. After that, we were, remarkably, cut loose on the mountain. Some thoughts:
  • Altitude AIN'T fun. Having to stop mid-staircase to catch your breath? A pain in the ass. But returning home and running your "long" run without getting winded is a gift.
  • Kids are remarkably resilient and superfast learners. They all schooled me on the slopes. Presumably because of their lack of fear and their flexible bones.
  • Traveling with a youth group isn't like traveling with your family. It's basically a week-long camping trip. No exploring the high-end restaurants and bars in the precious town. Also, many of the kids will burn through their money in the first 2 days. Be prepared to make pb&Js for these poor planners.
  • Another way youth group travel is like camping: sleeping arrangements. If a condo sleeps 8, they mean: sleeps 8 if you're sharing a couch-bed with 2 more people.
  • Ya'll, Kansas is HUGE. And WINDY. Death-defying in a church bus.
But I am now a ski-lover. I can't wait to go back.

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